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Apart form its current publications, John Blake Publishing has a sizeable back list of acclaimed sporting titles. These include biographies of stars such as Roger Federer, WG Grace, Fernando Torres and Frankie Dettori. For more information, visit

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Belt Boy by Kevin Lueshing with Mike Dunn

Release date: 29th April, 2016
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

List Price: £9.99
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He fought with the initials NSPCC sewn on his shorts. But nobody knew why. He became a British champion and knocked down one of the most-famous boxers on the planet in a world title fight. But nobody knew about the fund raising or the secret donations he was making to a children's charity that seemed so far removed from the brutal world of boxing. What was the dark secret Kevin Lueshing took into the ring with him every time he fought? Why did those five initials - NSPCC - mean so much? For the first time Lueshing has rediscovered the strength of a champion to tell his own harrowing story. His autobiography, The Belt Boy, is the completely true account of a brutal life kept hidden. Lueshing won the British welterweight title in a battle so ferocious it was voted fight of the year. But while the newspapers, TV and radio stations applauded his achievements, there was one story they knew nothing about (read review)

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Football Book Reviews

We've added a separate section specifically for reviews of football books to make them easier for you to find.

Mister By Rory Smith

Release date: 07th April, 2016
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

List Price: £18.99
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As anyone who has ever worked overseas for a prolonged period will tell you, travel broadens the mind, a point made by Roy Hodgson in this book’s thoughtful introduction. The observation is true of every profession and includes, as the author points out, an eclectic collection of Britons capable of spreading the football word to every corner of the globe. (read review)

Poker Book Reviews

New to the site is a poker book reviews section, expect lots of reviews to be added over the next few days.

Make a Million from Online Poker by Nigel Goldman

Release date: 13th February, 2006
Publisher: John Blake Publishing

List Price: £7.99
Our Price: £5.00
You Save: £2.99 (37%)
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This latest addition to the burgeoning poker library claims to "hold the key to financial success" at poker and while every new book has to try and sell itself, it's fair to say that while it provides general advice, it's not entirely comprehensive... All the same, this book offers some handy hints to those who fancy taking their chances at online poker during the festive season's 'downtime'. After all, how many times have you already seen 'Jason & the Argonauts'? (read review)


This month's competition book:

Forever Young By Oliver Kay

Release date: 19th May, 2016
Publisher: Quercus

List Price: £20.00
Our Price: £13.60
You Save: £6.4 (32%)
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We have a copy of FOREVER YOUNG to give away. To win this prize, simply answer the following question: In which year did Ryan Giggs make his full debut for Manchester United’s first XI? Send your answer to no later than 19 May 2016 (read review)

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It may seem as though sports books are a new phenomenon or limited solely to autobiographies, but this is not the case. There have been a number of classic sports titles over the years, a selection of which we have chosen here.

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Simon & Schuster
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66: The World Cup In Real Time By Ian Passingham
Pitch Publishing
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Endurance The Extraordinary Life & Times of Emil Zatopek By Rick Broadbent
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Belt Boy by Kevin Lueshing with Mike Dunn
Austin Macauley Publishers
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Forever Young By Oliver Kay
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