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52 Ways to Walk By Annabel Streets

Release date: 17th February, 2022
Publisher: Bloomsbury Sport

List Price: 14.00
Our Price: 10.48
You Save: 3.52 (25%)
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It could be argued that the pandemic has had at least one positive impact upon millions of folks: it?s ignited, or in many cases re-ignited, a love of walking. (read review)

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Football Book Reviews

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Fit And Proper People By Martin Calladine & James Cave

Release date: 16th February, 2022
Publisher: Pitch Publishing

List Price: 10.25
Our Price: 10.25
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Martin Calladine has teamed up with James Cave to produce another intelligent read, Fit And Proper People, the story of a revolutionary ?product? that football fans were desperate to work and in which they were happy to invest before the fa?ade collapsed. (read review)


This month's competition book:

A Delicate Game Brain Injury, Sport and Sacrifice By Hana Walker-Brown

Release date: 31st March, 2022
Publisher: Hodder

List Price: 20.00
Our Price: 16.40
You Save: 3.6 (18%)
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To win a copy of A Delicate Game, answer the following question: Which nation won this season's Six Nation's Championship? Email your answer to no later than 12th April 2022. Good luck! (read review)

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All time greats

It may seem as though sports books are a new phenomenon or limited solely to autobiographies, but this is not the case. There have been a number of classic sports titles over the years, a selection of which we have chosen here.

The top 10

This list is regularly updated, designed to save you time and money visiting the High Street to try and find which sports books are currently in the top 10. A mug’s game – read about them here and save up to 50% on the cover price!

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SBOTM Current Top 10

Get It On: How the ?70s Rocked Football By Jon Spurling
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Time on Rock By Anna Fleming
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41-Love: A Memoir By Scarlett Thomas
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Anatomy of a Football Scout by Jon Cotterill
Camara Brasileira
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Sweat: A History of Physical Exercise By Bill Hayes
Bloomsbury Sport
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52 Ways to Walk By Annabel Streets
Bloomsbury Sport
Read Review Buy Now
Fit And Proper People By Martin Calladine & James Cave
Pitch Publishing
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God is Dead The Rise & Fall of Frank Vandenbrouke By Andy McGrath
Bantam Books
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Butler to the World How Britain Became the Servant of Oligarchs, Tax Dodgers, Kleptocrats and Criminals By Oliver Bullough
Profile Books
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A Delicate Game Brain Injury, Sport and Sacrifice By Hana Walker-Brown
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